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KCDR is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers who rescue Dobermans. Our dogs come from shelters, owners who no longer can or will provide for them and, all too often, strays that are never searched for. We evaluate the dogs' health and temperament and place the dogs with new adoptive families.

The rescued dog goes directly to a veterinarian for a spay/neuter, vaccinations and any other necessary medical treatment. From there, the dog goes into foster care. The foster parents attempt to determine any problems, and try to work with the dog to achieve basic obedience, housebreaking, and the overcoming of any fears that may result in undesirable behaviors. Many of these dogs have been neglected, not only in a nutritional/medical sense, but also in a psychological/emotional sense. This socialization process promotes the dog's confidence, willingness to learn and trust. For many dogs, this is the first love and kindness they have ever known.

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Phone: 816-505-2275     Leave a message and our volunteer will return your call, usually within 24 hrs.
Fax: 816-912-4705
Mail:   PO Box 681166,  Riverside,  MO 64168
E-mail: admin@kcdoberescue.com
Facebook: Kansas City Doberman Rescue

Application form: We have an application form to be completed and a home visit and vet check is conducted prior to any adoption. All prospective adopters must be interviewed and approved by a KCDR member.
Note - until we are satisfied that the prospective adopter meets our criteria, we do not allow them to visit with the available dogs. This is because the dogs are are in the volunteers own homes rather than in some centralized kennel open to the public.

Fenced Yard: We seldom adopt to a home without a fenced yard - and for some dogs it will be an absolute requirement - especially puppies. But this is not a deal breaker if you can show a history of managing a large breed dog in an unfenced situation.

Children: In homes with children, or children that visit, we prefer that they be older than 6 - but again this is not a deal breaker if you can show a history of managing large breed dogs and their interaction with kids.

Existing pets: All current pets must be spayed/neutered - this is a deal breaker (unless you are in the show ring).

Heartworm Testing/preventative: All current dogs must be on Heartworm preventative. This is also a deal breaker.

We inform potential adopters of the medical and temperament information that we have gained during the dogs time in the foster home. However we do not know all the medical history of these dogs, nor have we observed all aspects of the dogs' behavior.

We require that adopters agree to care for the dog humanely - including: providing adequate food, water, shelter (inside homes), veterinary medical care, and maintaining the dog on heartworm preventative. Also, we do not allow the dog to be trained for attack or guard purposes, to be tied or chained, to ride in the bed of a pick-up, or to be disposed of without contacting the KCDR first. Adopters also agree to license the dog and not to subject an adult dog to cropping/docking.

Kansas City Doberman Rescue maintains the right to make an inquiry about any dog at any time and if the condition or treatment of the dog is found to be unsatisfactory, the right to reclaim the dog.

PUPPIES:back to top

We do occasionally have puppies available and will gladly keep a "waiting list", but be sure you know exactly what you are getting into. Everybody thinks young puppies are cute, but when that puppy grows and reaches one or two years old, they stop being cute and can become a burden. It is not surprising that this is the age that we see coming into rescue the most.
Many people want to "have a puppy to grow up with the children". But children and puppies grow and mature and change at different rates - so it really doesn't work like that. Plus puppy teeth are very sharp and children do not like being teethed on! Puppies, like children, require constant attention, care and training. We only place puppies in a home with a fenced yard.

ADULTS & SENIORS:back to top

Don't be worried about adopting an adult dog into your family and whether it will be 'too set in its ways', Dobermans are very adaptable and live to please their owner. By placing our dogs directly into individual homes for foster care before they are available for adoption, we get a pretty good idea of each dog's personality and habits. We try to correct undesirable behavior and instill basic household manners. By visiting with our dogs and talking with our foster people, you will have a better idea which dog will fit best into your household.

CHILDREN:back to top

Not all dogs are good with children - and - not all children are good with dogs ! If you have children in your home under 6 years old, then we will require evidence of your dog (and children ?) handling experience.

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We insist on interviewing the potential adoptive person and visiting where the dog will live. Surprise gifts of pets frequently do not work out since the recipient's idea of the perfect pet may very well be different from yours.

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Our adoption fee is normally $300, however, we ask more for puppies and less for seniors. This covers our cost to get the dog out of the shelter, the spay or neuter, medical bills and advertising costs. Your dog will come fully vaccinated, be on heartworm preventative, have a rabies certificate, be microchipped, have a collar and ID tag - and priceless - for the life of the dog, access to our experience and knowledge for any medical / temperament issues. We lose money on some dogs but try to make it up on others. Donations are always gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

HEARTWORMS:back to top

Dogs get heartworms from the bite of an infected mosquito. The parasite enters the blood stream and the result is a worm that burrows holes in your dog's heart. Heartworms slowly kill your dog or cause permanent injury to the heart. A simple once a month pill is all it takes to prevent your dog from getting this deadly disease. We require a verifiable history of Heartworm preventative for your current dogs.

REFUNDS:back to top

Our members will do everything possible to work with you in adapting your new pet to your home. If, after some effort, it is determined that the dog just isn't going to work out, you may bring the dog back to one of our foster homes. An adopted dog may be returned within two weeks for a refund of the donation, less any vet bills for a health check and any treatment needed, should that be deemed necessary. In some cases a processing fee may be charged - this is set in consideration of the time and effort spent by KCDR and it's agents and in consideration of the commitment and thought that the Adopters have going into the adoption of this dog.

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In general, we only adopt to people in the Kansas City or surrounding areas. You can locate the rescue group nearest you by looking on the DPCA's Rescue webpage or the North Texas site where they have a searchable directory of Doberman rescue groups. We don't "poach" in each others areas .... however KCDR does work with the Illinois, the Nebraska and the St Louis Doberman Rescues. Be aware that all Rescues are volunteer groups and all operate to their own different standards and procedures - if you really can't work with your local group, then contact an adjacent area - just don't go waaaaaay across country, there is an equally deserving dog near you.

SURRENDER:back to top

If you have a Doberman you cannot keep, we will try and help you - but we are not a free disposal or recycling facility. Often we do not have an immediate opening in our program - and we will need you to work with us until a foster home is available. If we are able to take your dog then, naturaly, we will be greatful for a donation of materials (crate, food, etc..) along with the dog. Many times we are able to listen to your problems and suggest alternative remedies or sources of help - so everybody wins - you get to keep your dog and we are free to help another.

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If you are interested in becoming involved as a foster parent, a member or would just like to make a donation (tax deductible) please call 816-505-2275