educational U-tube video of dog in bloat
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A collation of wobblers information


Veterinary Medical Encyclopedia
Dogaware a site to help make you more "aware" & make the best health decisions for your dog
Understanding Blood work results

General Information

Resources for fearful, shy & anxious dogs
Family Paws Parent Education - Children & Dogs
Dog Friendly Accomodation search engine
Foster & Smith's Pet Education site
RedRover - Sheltering Animals and Families together.
HSUS - Disaster Preparation and planning hints & tips

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America

DPCA website
DPCA - Public Education pages   Good articles & information.
DPCA - Breeders Education pages  Lots of great articles not just about breeding.
DPCA - Whiteout  Albino Doberman info.
DPCA - Rescue Directory   Directory of Doberman Rescues

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