Can you help us save a Doberman?
Can you open your heart & home to a dog down on its luck ?
Can you become a foster home - or be available as a short term 'temporary' foster home ?

Could be a few days - could be a few weeks - occasionally its a month or more. We don't expect you to become a full time foster home unless you really want to! All we ask is maybe just once a year - that would help give our permanent homes a well earned 'holiday'. All you need is a safe and secure environment. We have crates, toys, blankets, food and lots of experience to share. We are 501(c)(3) so you can claim incidental expenses against your taxes.

Your foster dog may have housemanners, obedience and good sense - having been turned in by an owner who, for one reason or another, could no longer give their pet a good home. We also get dogs from shelters and 'puppy mill' raids etc.., and yes, these can be more of an unknown... but ... we always evaluate the dog, and maybe sent to our trainer, before it is accepted into our program. You give them possibly the first love, attention and 'rules' that they've known ...meanwhile we screen and check potential new owners.

Foster homes need to have fenced yards, and your current pets need to be up to date on their shots. If you can keep your current pets and the foster seperate - then that is a plus. Your primary job is to keep the dogs safe and to observe its behavior.  It's not rocket science - it's actually quite easy and very rewarding. Please contact us and make a homeless Doberman an offer it can't refuse !

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