1 yr old Red male
    updated: 4/30/23

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Hi! My name is Copper.

I'm a 1 yr old PUPPY and for next year or so will be a big sponge soaking up my new experiences and learning good and bad things.

I need a home that understands that this is the important part of my 11 plus year commitment to them, and of them to me. I want a home that doesn’t just assume that somehow I’ll grow up to be well behaved, socialized and a delight to share life with. I need engagement, training and exposure to new and varied experiences and how to handle them.

Right now I'm a 75 pound bundle of energy - who can actually be very quiet and gentle. I have basic obedience. I'm fully house broken and crate trained. I'm working on my basic obedience - Sit, Down, Come, and walking gently on a leash - but I’m easily distracted by shiny objects. I get excited when I see other dogs - I want to play!! I like to chase squirrels - and sadly I'm rather like that with cats.   (but not with the local feral - who stood his ground and said "bring it on, big boy." )  

I’d absolutely love an owner with the time and commitment to take me to training classes – it’ll be a chance for me to show the others dogs how to good a Doberman can be.

My 1st family gave me a great start - I lived in a busy home with young children and another, older, house dog. They gave me basic obedience and I was crate trained. It was the resident hunting dogs that weren’t so tolerant of the young incomer.

Bottom line - I require an owner experienced with an intelligent large breed puppy, a home without cats and absolutely a fenced yard. I just want to play, but with the right help and guidance I will learn to be calm, loving, Doberman.

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