November 2017

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First the good news! Almost 9 month old Gracie is very good with other dogs, has done well in Doggy Daycare and even thinks that cats are ok! She is a very pretty and smart girl who needs a good future to make up for the bad start she was given.

She came to us suffering from what appears to have been quite a long standing urinary tract infection - probably due in a large part to her first “owner” leaving her in a crate for many many hours a day. The infection is now gone and she is once again a healthy puppy, but it did effect her ability to 'hold it' for long periods of time and make her anxious about being left in a crate - but all that is steadily improving.

She can now be safely kenneled for around 4 hours and does not not usually have any accidents in that time frame.  We are noticing over time that her trips out are becoming a little less often and we expect that she may fully recover in time. Likewise she is more accepting of being crated. Considering her start she has made, and continues to make, great progress.

We think her ideal home will be with someone that either works from home and who can come home at lunch to let her out. We always want this will puppies - their little bladders can't hold it all day. Currently she is doing very well in her foster home and getting better every day. In a new home she'd love to have other dogs to be mentors for her. She’s eager to learn, please and anxious to get on with her life!

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